Guber “Zocolo Condo”

An ultra-modern, minimalist design allows this deeply interesting and stylish condo to speak for itself. Set in the highly sought-after Zocolo development in northern Santa Fe, the condo's vibrant exterior seamlessly harmonizes with its bold, clean interior.

The bathroom sanctuary...

features a deep soaking tub accentuated by umber tones and natural wood. Sconces cast soft light upon the space for maximum relaxation. Geometric vessel sinks create balance and add interest to the space.

Originally less exciting,

the intimate interior now includes a relocation of the wood-burning fireplace into the center of the space, increasing energy flow. Bold fiery red chairs and a chocolate sofa add depth and contrast amidst the orange and gray hues of the walls. A Spanish abstract, laser-cut, acrylic chandelier hangs above.

The Zocolo condo is a reflection of Santa Fe’s captivating artistry and Spanish influence set in modern style and ultimate comfort.