Posted on September 7, 2020

“I love designing commercial projects because I get to be showy. With retail spaces, you can give them something wild and energetic while keeping it regional and original.”

Oculus arose from a multi-generational ophthalmological practice seeking something special. Before the project began, the client and his wife toured optometry offices nationwide to identify exactly what they wanted in their showroom. They asked David for a white laboratory, typical for offices all over the country.

What materialized was a two-story celebration of contemporary southwestern style; a welcoming, warmly-lit interior with equal-parts Vegas boutique and Santa-Fe estate. Wood, glass, steel, and stone were strategically impressed into a neutral canvas so as not to overshadow the products. Hand-blown globes, asymmetrically suspended, illuminate the space like captured stars. Stationed stage center, stands a marled ledger stone monolith inlaid with hammered steel. Smooth cobbles swirl below an omnipresent brand icon, backlit with golden illumination.

Polished teak pedestals present high-fashion frames. Custom rare wood cabinetry punctuates the simple, sand-colored walls.