Tesuque Bachelor Pad

Posted on September 7, 2020

The Tesuque Bachelor Pad is made for the modern man unafraid of fashion. An intermingling of rock and wood resides within, grounded by brown furniture. Rough-hewn stonework revives a boxy layout, adding intrigue to the bathroom and sitting area. Self-lit and accented by recessed lighting, the space radiates a cozy closeness and natural warmth. A square bookshelf, handmade by David, is a balanced backdrop for personal mementos. Cobalt pottery brings a sparkle of clean color.

Masculine in its chic simplicity, the stone sink is an elliptical half-moon set into a steel stand. Tessellated glass sculpts a handsome privacy barrier that lets natural light spill in.

The bed’s four posts flaunt a delicious dark wood glistening like melted chocolate. A framed photograph, shot by the Starns Twins, captures an artistic intricacy the room once lacked.