Oceanfront Sophistication

Posted on September 7, 2020

This Miami oceanfront residence is a richly furnished and cohesive oasis. Lining the entryway is a procession of custom stone columns supporting a soaring ceiling. Our workshop wood carvings trim the picturesque pillars. Glistening limestone lines the floors; a custom-made mosaic marks the entryway.

Leading up three floors, the grand staircase is a masterful marvel personalized down to the carved treads. Twirling vines, hand-carved from New Mexican ash-wood by David’s workshop, emboss each riser. An iron chandelier drops from the dramatic bell tower inlaid with a carved ceiling panel showcasing the extensive artistry and capabilities of David’s workshop.

A stark stone fireplace regards the living room. Fully automated floor-to-ceiling drapes draw away from the 60-foot windows to reveal an unparalleled ocean view.

The main kitchen is classic, clean, and tasteful, with appliances tucked behind the cabinetry. In contrast, an outdoor Tequila bar opens onto the ocean. Mexican Talavera tilework is an homage to the unique authenticity of a relaxed bar space.

The master bathroom’s double shower features patterned columns that complement the matching floors. Pale tartan plaid panels embellish each mirror. The powder room boasts crimson crocodile leather wallpaper bisected by a banded onyx backsplash. Moroccan glass sconces flank the carved vanity, created in David’s workshop.