Traveled Contemporary

Posted on September 7, 2020

Undeniably opulent, this contemporary residence is clad in cool, coastal blues and sandy shades. Centered in the sitting room is a fireplace stacked from Stone bordered by authentic, 18th-century Syrian columns. Carob-colored teak and bone inlay the antique pillars, entwined with jewelry-grade onyx to further emphasize the divine detailing. Cerulean silk wallpaper—a complementary contrast—further frames their finery. High ceilings inspire an open, airy atmosphere.

In the bathroom sanctuary sits a pearlescent white Japanese tub brightened by a crystal chandelier. A teak bench, set against the stone wall, echoes an outdoor onsen. Automated tracks draw the drapes. Raw and refined, the juxtaposition of opposite textures evokes a beautifully balanced ambiance.