David Naylor

David Naylor’s work is best described by the words EVOLUTION and EMBODIMENT. Over the years having witnessed the evolution of a place, of clients, of design and more, the beauty of each kind of evolution has informed both the aesthetics and the function of the spaces he has created and transformed. Ultimately though, David’s work is about embodying the personality and lifestyle of the clients he designs for. Their way of life, their goals, their dreams inform the shape of the room, the light in the room, the texture of the room, the art that is chosen. Additionally, David looks to embody the soul of the space when choosing key pieces to showcase. Sometimes the focal point is the ceiling, sometimes it’s the floor and other times it might be a sofa or a fireplace. The space itself carries an aura that is tapped into to bring into fruition and completion of a room or full home-design.

About David Naylor

David’s 35+ years of Interior Design acumen has led him to masterfully execute on the work he is called to do. His clients and the homes he’s had the honor of transforming span from coast to coast. From California to Florida, David’s work is ultimately met with great respect and extremely happy clients nationwide.

With headquarters in Santa Fe, which David has called home for 21 years, Santa Fe’s rich culture and history is deeply embedded in his design. Often finding ways give a nod to or fully embracing Santa Fe Style, David knows how to make Santa Fe Style work in all kinds of styles of home.


David is the Author of the beautifully inspiring book, Old World Interiors. The book takes you on a journey of design and architecture that is alluring and captivating. It gives wonderful examples of what David has done and what he is capable of. You can get a copy of your book here: BUY BOOK (will be linked to Amazon)

Showhouse Santa Fe

As the original co-founder of SHOWHOUSE Santa Fe, David Naylor values commitment to community. Focusing on fresh, innovative design, Showhouse brings together a group of accomplished Santa Fe interior designers who annually in partnership with Santa Fe Properties, transform a local home into an exciting exhibit of interior design creations. The money raised is to benefit an education non-profit, Dollars 4 Schools. Over the course of it’s inception back in 2013, this event has has raised and donated over $200,000 to support teachers in Santa Fe. You can learn more about SHOWHOUSE here: https://www.showhousesantafe.com/