De Vargas Center Main Street Santa Fe


David Naylor Interiors Remodel of the DeVargas Mall, Santa Fe, NM

David Naylor Interiors Remodel of the DeVargas Mall, Santa Fe, NM

          De Vargas Center has long been a place for locals to shop, dine, catch a movie and catch up with old friends. But the indoor mall now has a brand new look and feel after we designed new spaces for five shops forced to relocate after the shuttering of Sanbusco Market Center last year. We also upgraded all the existing storefronts and signage for a consistent look and feel.

I find it to be a designer’s dream job to do retail and I try to create an exciting, invigorating daytime space that inspires commerce. Our goal here was to create a contemporary but distinctly Santa Fe feel for the mall. And we tried do as much glass front as possible so people can see in and the merchandise does the styling.

We didn’t approach the project with a corporate brand structure in mind but rather as a way of celebrating Main Street Santa Fe. So the new spaces we designed for Dell Fox Jewelry,Teca Tu, Pandora’s, Kioti and Bodhi Bazaar are friendly and inviting. We also designed the facade for Op. Cit. Books and Santa Fe Pens, and created some general design for the mall. The overall look is local and regional to match these homegrown, neighborhood shops.

I’m pleased to hear that business has picked up for many of the stores who relocated from Sanbusco and it’s our hope that De Vargas Center becomes an even more popular place for locals and residents alike.