David Naylor Interior’s Award-Winning Design for Historic Santa Fe Home

The Gallun Residence work done by David Naylor and Prull Builders

The Gallun Residence work done by David Naylor and Prull Builders

       We’re happy to have been part  of the Prull Custom Builders project that won the Santa Fe Home Builders Association’s 2016 Remodeler’s Showcase award!

This major project focused on completely transforming the feeling of an historic Santa Fe east-side home, a hidden gem located on an unpaved road, in less than nine months. The timeline was non-negotiable, as the new owners were relocating their family to Santa Fe.

From demolition to reconstruction, we partnered with Prull Custom Builders to create a beautiful home that complied  with Historic District guidelines. We also had to make sure not to harm the old-growth landscaping or radically change the house’s existing footprint.

We had a hand in a comprehensive remodel of every room in this well-worn residence, which Prulll Custom Builders completely deconstructed—keeping the historical elements intact—then reconstructed to ensure that the original historic nature of the house survived, even as everything was thoroughly modernized for comfortable living.

The team worked together to transform rooms that were sorely outdated and dysfunctional, the result of haphazard renovations over the years by different owners. With an addition, the small and cramped kitchen, for example, became the heart of the home, where the husband, who loves to cook, can enjoy having his family with him as he prepares meals. Another addition to the small master bathroom created a modern master bathroom suite, both beautiful and functional. And a ramshackle casita, which started as a shed, became an inviting guest cottage, a lovely retreat for visiting family members. Every room became inviting and beautiful with the simple addition of natural light.

The complete transformation has left the new owners thrilled with their historic home and we’re thrilled to have been a part of this rewarding project. Take a look at some of the interiors we designed in the Before & After photos below.

To learn more about this project, visit:    https://goo.gl/dWIdS2