Sublime Combinations

            gatherdetails                                 I never do presentation boards. The only time I provided presentation boards was when I submitted a design for the New Mexico Governor’s Mansion Foundation; a board of many trustees oversaw the residence and boards were necessary to explain my vision to many people at once.

Don’t misunderstand me. I do many sketches, shop drawings, elevations for tile setters and architectural renderings for builders. But I rarely like to do anything that’s glued down. I prefer to rehearse everything in my mind until it’s time to order. I know all of my sequencing, so I can wait until the last minute to ensure I’ve optioned and marinated enough to be married to my selections.

I love selecting a home’s rugs, coming up with a sublime combination that doesn’t feel shopped all at once. I build a foundation, mixing a formal serape with a tribal weave, or an intricate Persian with a more minimal, contemporary style, then layering the fabrics. The winning combinations stand out, showing up head and shoulders above the rest.