Controlled Chaos

                                 I love installations. The day the residents move into their house is my shining achievement, and I thrive on the fast pace. All of the months of planning, designing, ordering, tracking, specifying, layering are over and the true labor begins. You’re dilating, you’re crowning, you just scream and push, with no way to go back on the decisions that led you to this point. It’s all yours now, and here it comes. It’s showtime!

The trucks pull up with boxes and crates and you direct their uncrating—don’t forget to wipe those feet! This goes in the master bedroom; that goes into the dining room. Rug pads down first, then lay the rugs. Build the room up. It goes very quickly.

This is when you can change your mind one last time, move things around. The house will now surprise you with what works better where. I love switching rugs around. “Didn’t that go in the den?” “I love it here in the master bedroom.”

I once did six installations back-to-back in six weeks, and I’m at my bravest during the controlled chaos of the event. The stage is for the seasoned designer, confident and sure. It’s the opposite of the design phase—physical, immediate, crucial, subject to weather and conditional on the laws of the universe. Life happens—laugh it up and make it work!