1Roybal1       Confession: Too many great ideas get dashed because of bad timing, so if I have an idea that seems to “muscular” for a client to grasp, I take it off the table and choose another time to state my case. Knowing when to shelve an idea until a better day is key to selling the big idea—clients can cross just so many bridges during the design process. I’m in charge of those crossings, and when I’ve paced them correctly, I’ve navigated my clients to a better place.

I read in an old design magazine that some famous designer once said, “Never talk a client into anything.” I couldn’t disagree more. I believe that sometimes you have to go to the proverbial mat to sell your vision. I’m not a shrinking violet when it comes to my professional opinions—I’ve dedicated my whole life to my craft, and have paid all dues possible, so I will fight for my designs. Even so, I can easily drop an idea, because sometimes I have to voice it to know what is wrong, and I don’t feel the need to always be right about most things. I believe in the process: dialogue distills and galvanizes ideas.”