Contemporary Comfort

Marisol6            Mention contemporary design and you’re likely to evoke images of sleek rooms of glass, steel, and concrete decorated with abstract art and minimal accessories. Often, that entails a certain coldness that’s more fun to look at than to live in.

My own idea of contemporary is a less clinical approach, one that takes risks but at the same time embraces modernity’s characteristic serenity. The cool gleam of glass and metal is warmed by textiles and artifacts from around the world, while bold signature pieces work as focal points. The notion of infusion design comes into play in the juxtaposition of contemporary features—clean lines, strong colors—with elements like richly patterned rugs and traditional-style furnishings updated with new fabrics.

            Livability is the guiding principle here, highlighting the creation of spaces that invite residents to enter and linger rather that to merely observe and appreciate. I look for what’s classic in the realm of modernity, then seek out ways to embellish it with textures and shapes both subtle and dramatic. As with my other designs, the re-purposing of found objects is an important component; by giving these pieces a new role to play I can create a fresh, updated ambiance. I also like to slip an occasional antique into the design to add contrast, which also serves to infuse the space with a more organic feel.

            Overall, I seek to express an open-minded, youthful, progressive sensibility, embracing a current aesthetic while still honoring enduring traditions.